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    RoboHelp crashes

    oceanbreeze Level 1
      I can open a project, save, and compile it OK, but if I try to view a topic, RoboHelp crashes. I have done the process of deleting the .cpd and .xpj files, and then editing the .hhp file several times. This all goes fine, but as soon as I try to view a topic in the WYSIWYG tab or the TrueCode tab, RoboHelp crashes. I have RoboHelp X5. I have other projects that work OK.
      I have changed the capitalization of some of the folders or file names so that the output would work in a JavaHelp system. Also, I tried to replace an exit.png image file with an updated exit.png file, and I think caused some problems. However, I was able to get everything to work in a couple other similar projects. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks.
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          lmarden Level 2
          Not sure how you made these capitalization and image changes, but I do know that RoboHelp gets very sulky if you make changes from outside of the program - say, in Windows Explorer. Did you replace the image from within RoboHelp, or just move the new image file into the RH file structure? Did you change caps on file names from within RH? Or from Explorer?

          If you did your work outside of RH, I would try reverting back to original names/ files, and go back into the project. If you are successful at this, make the changes again from within.

          I hope this helps!

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            oceanbreeze Level 1
            Thanks for your help. I did make the changes outside RoboHelp. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can go back, cause I didn't do a backup before the changes. After it crashed, I tried to make changes from within RH, but this hasn't resolved it. I'm not sure what to do now.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Where to start on this one?

              If the only thing you changed in Windows was the case, that shouldn't cause a problem when working on the project. It will cause a problem with any output when running on a Unix box but that is another issue.

              Have you tried creating a new project and importing a bunch of topics and then testing? If that works import some more and test and so on. How big is the project?

              Do take a backup now so that anything further you might do does not make a bad situation worse.

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                oceanbreeze Level 1
                Thank you for your help. I did make a backup and then create a new project and import topics. That took care of the problem It's a file that's been around for 10 years and has a lot of topics, so I guess it's not too surprising it had problems.
                I found that I did have to use Windows Explorer to copy the .hhc Table of Contents file...I saw no way to import it within RoboHelp. Is there a way to do that? Thanks so much.
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                  I had this problem as well sometime after I upgraded to 7.0.3; crashes after about 8-10 minutes after I open a project; for no apparent reason.  Wasn't even typing or generating anything; just opened the project.


                  Tried to fix by remove and reinstall from the CD back to 7.0 (make sure you deactivate the serial number before you uninstall) and it still was crashing so thought it might be a Windows Patch.


                  Seemed to have fixed the problem when I installed without any of RoboHelp Source control clients or server.   no more crashing..  Maybe an adobe tech can respond to this and provide any information on background operations that happen about 8-10 minutes into opening a project like auto-saving something to the Robohelp Source Control product.


                  One recommendation; use a real source control product like VSS/TFS or Subversion if you are concerned about versioning.