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    cannot create connection

      I have one client that I cannot set up a connection for using Contribute 4..
      I have no difficulty accessing the site with an FTP client and the FTPChecker utility that was suggested in one of the help files passes all its tests with flying colours. I can browse the site in the connection wizard and see the proper directory but when I select it the connection fails. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the way the site is hosted/managed:
      i.e given a site of http://mysite.com, CPanel indicates that the website files are in public_html.
      The corresponding ftp address is ftp.mysite.com and logging in there with an FTP client make the directory look like \ (i.e. a root directory).
      I have tried every combination of directory name I can think of but no luck.
      I hate it when wizards try to be smarter than people and then fail... just give me a d*amn configuration file I can edit. At the moment it seems like it may require more effort (and $$$) to let them edit pages than for me to just upload their changes via FTP.
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          Hi there

          Having exactly the same problem. But only from the clients offices. From our own offices the connection works fine with Contribute 4. Very annoying as I have already wasted 2 afternoons trying to start a training session!!

          Have spoken to the hosting company and they say there is nothing they can do from their end and I can't seem to replicate the problem anywhere else.