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    Swipe up and down to open/close menu

    DylanGraft Level 1

      I have the swipe up and down actions working, but i want to disable the swipe function after it has been passed.


      I have tied the swipe events to the "menuDownBtn" and the "menuUpBtn".


      As it stands now, the menu will swipe down but then if you swipe down again anywhere on the menu it plays the animation over. The problem is that there are drop down buttons that have scrollable frames inside. It seems that the swipe function is overlapping everything inside the symbol.


      The goal is to have the function tied to the menuDownBtn and the menuUpBtn only. Is there any way to disable a function after it has been passed? and then reactivate it through another action?


      Any advice would be awesome!


      here's the project: Dropbox - test.zip