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    Extra character on footnotes in InDesign - not sure why?


      Hi folks, newbie to the forum here.


      I'm working on a long-form document with InDesign and am having an odd problem appear. Im still relatively new to the software so hopefully its just something caused by my small breadth of knowledge and there is a workaround to tweak.


      I placed my text from my Word documents into the InDesign problem with footnotes. Everything is as it should be - except that for some reason there is a "1." before each footnote citation. No idea why this is. They are not wrecking havoc or anything - but it does look weird and seems slightly confusing. Initially I thought they were referencing the chapter number, which would have been fine, but it is the same "1." through every chapter's footnotes. They are unselectable, so I assume it is some kind of setting problem?


      Screenshot attached. Much appreciated for any help.

      Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.48.27 PM.png

      I'm using InDesign CC on Mac.