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    Using embedded Fonts in <FONT> tag. Possible?

    Chris River
      I've been pulling my hair out for days trying to get this working. (luckily I have a lot of hair)

      I have been able to successfully embed my custom font so that it displays properly in all components. I can set the style of a textarea to use a style with the embedded fontface and it also shows up nicely. What I CAN'T seem to do is use the textarea <font face="the_font"> tag to display only a selected portion of text within a text area with the applied font.

      At this point I don't expect answers. It seems (from the amount of searching I've done, and the number of people who have asked me if I've found an answer yet) that no one (at least in the english speaking world that I am sadly confined to) knows how to make this work. Can someone please just tell me whether or not this is a bug so I can stop wasting my time trying to figure it out?