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    Issues with Premiere Elements 11,  Masks, video layer conflicts, ect


      Ok, so I'm having some issues with premiere elements 11. 

      Ok, so I'm working  on a short short film, I'm working with a bit of VFX shots, masks, ect. I have things looking good, when I render the timeline and preview things look fine. (Most of the time, I'll get into that in a min) but when I export the video to check it in full, things have gotten completely messed up. (export settings, 720P h.264 .mov) My mask layers get messed around and disappear, parts of the scene will flash, get slightly brighter or darker in a frame then back to normal, its just a complete mess. 


      Now, sometimes when I'm working in the timeline, when I use a cross dissolve to blend my effects (I'm using stills I made in photoshop, and animating in premiere by using cross dissolve to flow into each other) On certain points in the timeline the FX layer cross dissolve will cause one of the video layers to change the grade in a single but noticeable frame. But I can adjust the length of the cross dissolve and it fixes it. Several shots I'm doing are cloning shots, split with a mask roughly in the middle or sorts and those are the scenes that get effected by that brightness change but its only on one of the video layers, not both. and the other FX are done on an entirely different layer, so I'm not sure why it would effect a lower layer like that. And it doesn't make sense why things get so messed up on the export, when it plays fine in the timeline.   I hope all that makes sense, its hard to describe.is


      My footage is 720,  Iphone footage captured with the FiLmIC Classic app for filmmakers.  I'm entering the Iphone Film Festival, and the deadline is coming up quick so I need to get these issues worked out.


      Thank in advance!