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    Coldfusion 9 doesn't see java servlets annotated by WebServlet annotation.

    Coldfusion 9


      I'm trying to run java servlet application on coldfusion 9 running on top of iis 7 server.

      Also i'm using java 1.7.

      Coldfusion seems doesn't see servlets annotated by WebServlet annotation. I get 404 server response.

      If i add servlets mapping in web.xml everything works fine, except one thing, my application uses WebSockets, which doesn't has xml configuration,

      only annotation @ServerEndpoint.

      So i can't figure out, why my annotations don't work.

      According to coldfusion 9 and java ee, annotations should work and it depends on java version which i use with coldfusion.

      Could you help me please, may be there is a some attribute which i need to set to use annotations like @WebServlet or something like this.