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    How do I change the URL link in an interactive Adobe Edge Animate .oam file?

    nieves53 Level 1


      I am a print designer trying to learn some web design skills and brand new to Edge Animate. I've been asked to update an EA project that another designer created (unfortunately, he quit). The EA file is an animation with interactivity for a landing page on a company website. I watched a tutorial that showed me how to create an .oam file so I could insert it into the webpage created in Dreamweaver. Inserting the .oam file worked just fine but when I click on the buttons in the animation online, the links are broken — I surmised it's because the .oam code indicates the target webpages are in the edgeanimate_assets folder, but they are not. They resides outside it. I can't relocate the target webpage to the edgeanimate_assets folder because it would mess up the rest of the site navigation. So I'm guessing I have to change the URL in the animation and re-publish the .oam file — then reinsert the file in the Dreamweaver page. My problem is that I can't find where the "on click" action directing to the URL was originally written on the timeline. Or maybe there is an easier way to update the URL in EA. Can someone please help this very green and stressed-out rookie?
      Thank you!!!