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    Scroll Pains

      Thanks in advance to anyone who has a tip!

      I'm building an app that has a sign in and register feature. The form is longer than the viewable area so i thought.. swell! there's a handy scroll pane component I can load a movie clip into, so the content will scroll. everything works fine until i need to repopulate the form with the user info from the database. i'm using the same movie clip for the register/edit functionality. I can fill out the form, send the info for processing and the data goes into the db just fine. when the user signs in (or if they've already signed in...) their record is retrieved and the form is loaded into the scroll pane.

      here comes the hard part for the life of me i can't get the data to go back into the form fields. in a nutshell, i'm getting the result from the db, creating a user object and using a for in loop to repopulate the form fields. the form movie itself has an object array of the fields to flag them as certain 'types' for validation before being sent to the server.

      when debugging, i can see the array inside the scroll pane instance but can't seem to reference it in actionscript. the path i can see is spInstance.spContentHolder.formFields. tracing the objects actually shows the correct values but no text shows up in the fields. I'm already using a CSSStyleDeclaration to embed the fonts in the text object globally so it's not an embedding or font issue.

      after tracing, debugging and beating my head against the keyboard i'm still at a total loss......

      any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!