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    LR 4.4.1 crashing on iMac osx 10.8.5 when using exposure and shadows sliders. Will not restart with out resetting surge protector. Worked perfectly for 1.5 years with upgrades to 4.4



             Thanks for any help you may have. LR 4.4 worked perfectly on iMac 27' OSX 10.8.5 for 1.5 years until October this year when shut downs began when making adjustments on primarily exposure and shadow sliders. Unit would not restart unless rebooting surge protector(s) after 10-15 minute wait. Apple replaced main board and cleared disc. Back-up and LR 4 reloaded and updated to 4.4.1. New surge protection or direct into receptacle makes no difference and shutdown happens immediately upon slider movement. Any suggestions or self checks an old guy can possibly do? It is Educator/student version.