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    Anyone have SQL and Robohelp Server 6 Running

      We have installed Robohelp Server 6 on Windows 2000 server with the desire to connect to SQL (2000). We are not getting it to connect due to time outs that lead us at the moment to believe it is a permissions issue.

      Background – The server was installed using the scripts in Technote KB 400352 \ http://www.adobe.com/go/kb400352 – We are now reviewing the more detail permisions stated within KB 4003352

      We want to verfiy the permissions of ODBC.INI but cannot find the Permissons and Securtiy tab as stated in Step 4 and 5. Ther is no Permission when we right click on the OBDC.INI key The server admin is well experience and at this point cannot help me until I get futher clarification.

      This is from the Technote

      1. Set the required Pre-Install registry permissions.
      1. Open the registry editor by going to Start > Run, keying in regedit and pressing OK.
      3. Right click on the ODBC.INI key.
      4. Select Permissions.
      5. Click on the Security tab.
      6. Press Add.
      7. Change the "From this location" or "Look in" dialog states the server computer name:
      For Windows 2000 - Press the drop down and select the server computer name.
      For Windows XP Pro and 2003 Server - Press the Locations button and select the server computer name.
      8. Add the RoboRuntime group:
      For Windows 2000 - Select the RoboRuntime group and press the Add button.
      For Windows XP Pro and 2003 Server - In the Enter the object names to select dialog, key in RoboRuntime.
      9. Press OK.
      10. With the RoboRuntime group selected, configure the permissions so that Full control is checked.
      11. Press OK.
      Can anyone tell me how we can get to the Permissions/Secrutiy Tabs as stated in the Technote?

      Does anyone have Robohelp Server 6 running with SQL as the database?