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    Most of my layers have some how scattered around the stage - total mess!!


      I just reopened my AE CC 2014 file moments ago since working on it last weekend, and I discovered most my layers have scattered across my stage. Also, any of the layers I turned off, are now on and moved around the stage. I'm not even going to mention the colour issue.


      Below, is a screen shot of a render I made last weekend (left-side) and my AE file opened moments ago (right-side).


      I thought it was someone having a laugh (albeit a nasty one), but when I was looking through the Autosave files from the middle of December, I saw the same scatter of layers. Now, I'm concerned.


      Thankfully, I haven't seen this in any of my other files, so I'm going to treat this as an isolated bug/corrupt file.

      Is this known to the community? If so, what's being done to preventing this from reoccurring?

      Please help!

      Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.06.33 PM.png



      My system:

      -MacBook Pro (2012)

      -2.6 GHz i7

      -16 GB 1600 MHz

      -NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 1024 MB

      -OSX 10.9.5

      -After Effects CC 2014