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    ePub export using just a range of pages from inDesign Book

    bst7 Level 1

      I've created an ePub Fixed Layout ebook from inDesign 2014.1. I now want to create a summary book for Apple's iBook store, using pages from multiple chapters.


      I know the ePub export dialog has an "Export Range" panel in the "General" tab. When you export from a single inDesign Document, you can either leave it as "All Pages" or chose a Page Range. However, I have an inDesign Book, with a inDesign document per chapter.


      When I do the ePub "Fixed Layout" export, I come to this panel and the option to select a Page Range is disabled, so I can't specify the pages I want. The pages are numbered to follow on from chapter to chapter.


      So, it looks to me like exporting to ePub from an inDesign Book will only allow you to create an ebook from ALL of the pages of the inDesign Book?


      I'd really like to create a summary from multiple chapters, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.