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    A frame containing table looses table info when overflow occurs!

    kapoor_aman27 Level 1


      This is a case when text frame contains a table.

      when we type some content in table cell such that the size of cell increases more than the size of frame, Overflow occurs( a small '+' mark in bottom right corner of frame), and table is no more visually present in the frame.


      But the problem occurs when I try to access the table property of frame via. scripting (using JSX) by using below command:


      where oFrame is the frame object.


      Note that before the overflow when we can visually see the table in frame, the above call returns '1', but once the overflow occurs(such that table is no more visually present in the frame),

      the above call returns '0'.


      Is this some kind of Bug in Indesign?? How can I access the table in the frame which has overflow???


      Please see the screen shots below, the first one is with just one word in table cell, and next is with more text resulting in overflow.


      1) oFrame.tables.length returns 1



      2) oFrame.tables.length returns 0