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    Locking Regions

      I am new to contribute.

      I have succefully set everything up and can make the edits, but I notice that the entire page is editable and not just the editible region I placed in the webpage.

      What do I need to do to lock out the rest of the page?

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          How did you create the pages on your site? What I do is create templates in Dreamweaver... and in those templates set certain tables, cells or what have you to have specific editable regions. Then I create new pages based on those templates and Contribute will only allow you to edit the content in the editable regions specified on the page.

          If you build your site and it's just static web pages NOT based on templates that have editable regions in them, then I believe the whole page is open to be edited.

          I hope this helps?

          Here is some example code I have on template on my site: This code is just in the area of a cell that I want to have the user edit

          <td class="body" height="103" valign="top"><!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="Home_Page_Content" -->Home Page Content Dummy Text<!-- TemplateEndEditable --></td>

          Understanding editable and non-editable regions in templates:

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            Bay_Ridah26 Level 1
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              Bay_Ridah26 Level 1
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                So, I understand that Contribute plays nicely with DW templates... allowing designers to "lock down" design elements that we don't want customers to break. However, our organization (we're a Web design firm) doesn't use Dreamweaver anymore. Some time ago, we phased out Dreamweaver in favor of hand-coding, and we now use a .NET-based templating language called "MasterPages."

                Two new clients have specifically requested that they be able to administer their sites using Contribute, so we absolutely need this "lock down" functionality... without the use of DW templates. One of the sites will be a fairly basic, static site, while the other will be a dynamic, .NET-based site.

                If there is a way to "lock down" regions without the use of DW... even if it means tricking Contribute somehow... please let me (us) know.
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                  Jeremy AB Level 1
                  I'm in the same boat as the original poster, except that I made the site using Dreamweaver. I understand the part about using templates but the way the site is made I can't use templates. Is there a way to lock down regions in Dreamweaver?

                  I'd also like to know if I can limit my client to only one page in the folder. I was kind of shocked that Contribute would only let me select an entire folder.

                  if this can't be done I guess I can always move the one page to a separate folder, but what a mess it would make to re-link everything to it...