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    Security options cannot be changed after digitally signed + signature fields disable other signature options




      I have been working with Adobe Acrobat, securing the document and then signing it, and I have found some issues:


      1. I understand when you secure a document, you protect it with a password so certain changes cannot be done without this password. I expected the application not to disable the options but to ask you for the password if you try to use them. In my case it was the printing option. I left it disabled, but of course I would like to be able to print it out using the password I set. Being the option disabled does not give me the option. As far as I could see, I would need to change security settings, then print out and then set the settings back to their initial state, however, this is not possible if the document has been electronically signed (security options cannot be modified if signed). And I see this as a problem, as the only way I could find was removing the signature, then changing options, then reverting all changes after printing out. Of course once the document has been delivered this is not an acceptable solution. Have I missed something and there is any option to print with the password with no need of "un-securing" the document?


      2. As soon as I insert a page into my document which contains signature fields, it is not possible to sign with my image saved signatures as options appear greyed out. I have seen a similar entry in this forum, and the answer was it may have signatures and hence it does not allow you to modify it, but in my case, there was no signature yet, just the form to add new signatures...In my case, I needed to add some image signatures ("handwritten") and then a electronic signature and I could not, I had to extract the page with the signature fields, then sign with image, then insert the page back to sign with certificate. Is this an expected behaviour?


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      PD. It does not seem to be system or version related, but just in case, I am using Windows 8.1 and Adobe Acrobat XI pro.