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    How to adjust broadcast safe filters correctly (Filter currently compromises picture)

    TrashYourPrefs Level 1

      Hi guys,


      Can anyone explain to me how to use the Broadcast Color filter properly?  Before, when I was using FCP7, I just slapped on the Broadcast Safe filter and the edits passes the QC every time.  Now we've moved to Premiere Pro CC and I added the filter twice, once to set the luma and once to set the saturation (both default at 110).  The problem is that it completely changes the picture.  I get banding and the colour is noticeably clamped.  I've been working a lot with animations recently, so dealing with a lot of super saturated and bright colours.  If I set the broadcast filter to both 120 on luma and saturation, it doesn't look too bad.  Does anyone know at what number in the broadcast safe filter, will the become colour become not safe?  Can I get away with 120 on the luma and sat?  Please see images below: 


      Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 2.31.29 PM.png