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    Unable to load WSDL, but only on one PC

      Hi all,

      We have a website up and running that makes extensive use of Flex with web services. So far its working very well for almost everyone, but there is just one of our clients that has one PC that consistenty gives a "Failed to load WSDL" error everytime. This client has has several PC's each of which have no problems accessing our website, except for the one PC in question.

      So, can you guys suggest anything to help diagnose the problem? I'm not in a position to install the debug Flash Player, so what else can I do? Clearly the problem is with this one PC, since all of the clients other other PC's access the same website, from the same network, and have no problems.

      The PC in question runs IE6 on Win2K (so does most of the others).

      Any ideas?!