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    External Editors

    syswizardx Level 1

      It's unbelievable to me that Acrobat's internal editor is limited to such a small amount of code, thus requiring an external editor.

      My problem: I need to transfer all of my javascript code from one PDF form file to another. I don't have to remember which "pieces" have been changed.


      However, I tried several editors and the results were bad: Acrobat Pro XI would just "hang".

      This included:

      1) Visual SlickEdit V11

      2) Windows 7 Wordpad (write.exe)


      However, I was able to get Win 7 Notepad to work (which was surprising to me !).

      But it's a crappy, bare-bones editor.


      What is the best external editor to use that has some intellisense for Javascript....which is great for spotting mis-matched {}.

      Notepad ++ ??

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to use text editor and not a word processor, Write.exec, or integrated coding envronment. Notepad++ or TextPad are both capable when configured properly for the file type being processed.


          See the following free documentation provided by Adobe:

          Using an external editor

          Specifying additional capabilities to your editor



          Moving PDF functions from one PDF to another can easily be done by inserting a PDF file with the code into another PDF and the document level functions will be added to the document level scripts of the PDF. Also actions like will print, did print, will save, did save, will close, etc will also be merged into the combined PDF. Page open and page close actions will stay associated with the page and any scripts within a field will remain in the fields. Once you get the scripts that are needed from combined PDF you can delete the page.


          You can even use FDF files to import document level scripts.

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            syswizardx Level 1

            Thanks George - I was able to pull-off the code swap using notepad.

            But I'll download Notepad ++ and specify that one as my external editor.

            Slickedit is my fav, but it does not work well with Acrobat XI....probably because it is fairly old.