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    Perform an action after an animation is complete


      Hello all,


      I am currently trying to achieve some basic functions in a prototype with Edge Animate.


      Because I am designing for both touch and non-touch devices, the first stumbling block I have come across is this:


      I would like the user to be able to 'click' a symbol (using a 'click' event so I don't have to duplicate for touch events), which then plays a short animation in that symbol's timeline for feedback, and then jumps the main composition further down the timeline once that symbol's animation has completed. I would like to able to do this this without resorting to placing actions at the end of the symbol animation itself (as there are going to be a bunch of them). A 'delay' or 'wait' function would be useful but if I adjust the length of that animation I will have to manually update the timing of that.


      The overall effect is supposed to be a basic rollover effect, but for both touch and non-touch environments - with a non-touch environment, I can have a mouseover state which plays the animation before the click, and this works fine. What I am looking for is a way to show that same brief animation when the symbol is touched, and then execute the main function after that (which is skipping to the next part of the main composition).


      Is there a reasonably simple way of chaining actions like this? I'm probably overlooking something obvious I think, but I wouldn't have a clue right now.


      Thank you!