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    How do I make a repeat pattern in Photoshop CC?


      I am trying to make a seamless repeat pattern in photoshop. I used to be able to do this in older versions of Photoshop by adjusting the position of my artboard in Filter -> Other -> Offset.


      Now I can't seem to adjust the offset by adjusting the pixels according to the size of my artboard, but I have to choose a pixel number between -1182 and +1182 instead?


      For instance, if my artboard is 100px I used to be able to set it to 50px so the artboard shifts halfway to the right. Now I have to set it at (1182 : 4=) 295px to get my artboard to that same position.

      Plus, when I use 'wrap around' the objects in my artboard don't appear on the other side of the artboard as should be the case.


      What is going on? Does anyone know how I can easily make a repeat pattern in Illustrator now? Is there something like 'Pattern maker" for Photoshop cc,  like the one that used to be available for older versions of PS but is now disabled for Photoshop CC?


      Thanks a bunch!