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    Moving from CS6 to CC2014 messes up sequential clip references


      I have a CS6 project I've brought into CC. The project media includes video clips (in Canon MXF format) that were split in-camera because of the file size.


      In CS6 the clips were sequenced back together with no problems. In CC, the second clip appears to reference the first, so that any edits using clip 2 actually play back the content of clip 1. In the bin the clip name is as it should be.


      I have tried all manner of workarounds, including reimporting the clip, replacing footage (both in the bin and clip-by-clip), importing the CS6 timeline, EDLs etc. but either the same thing happens or I get the grey stripes across the clip (which I believe indicates being out-of-timecode-range). The workaround I've had most success with involves duplicating the file, renaming it (strangely this only works if the start of the filename is different), importing the new clip and manually re-editing each one through laborious cut and paste of the edit points. It's a pain in the *undefined* and still isn't ideal; the replacement clips come in with stereo audio instead of dual monos as they should be so I have to fiddle even further.


      Is this a bug? Am I being oblivious to some new (or old) feature? Would I be better off staying in CS6?