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    Playback doesn't work within Premiere CC 2014


      I recently installed a 120gb Sandisk SSD into my computer, once all installed and ready to go, I opened Premiere only to find that my space bar does not work for playback.


      The J,K and L shortcuts still work fine, as does the play button in the program monitor, so my computer isn't having any trouble playing back any files, it just seems to be the actual function of 'playback' that doesn't work. I've tried changing the shortcut, but still having the same problem.


      I've looked for a solution to this problem and it mostly seems to be the audio hardware, which I have tried all solutions I've found and still no luck so far. Has anybody else had this issue?




      Windows 7

      i7-3770 3.4GHz

      12GB RAM

      120GB SSD

      2TB HDD