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    Background Image Position Whole Numbers vs Decimals


      Hi EA experts,


      I'm using sprite sheets to create animations in Edge Animate CC and have run into a peculiar problem: Occasionally, when I am animating frame-to-frame and changing the background image position, the numbers I input (for example, -400) end up somehow being changed to a value a few decimal points off (such as -399.96). When playing the animation back, even this tiny fraction of a pixel difference ends up causing the sprites to shift and play back choppily. What's more frustrating still is that Edge Animate shows the X/Y values as the correct whole-numbers I inputed, until I click on them (see attached). Given the amount of animation I'm doing, now that I've found out this is the problem, I have maybe hundreds of X/Y values to correct.



                The whole number I input is displayed......                                   until you click, and see that it's off a bit


      Is there a way to easily correct this? Perhaps a way to make Edge Animate only accept whole numbers for background image position values?