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    True Type special characters not showing in Kindle, but show fine in epub.

    LarsBo64 Level 1

      When I convert my InDesign document to epub everything works nicely.


      However, I have some special characters which do show up fine in epub. But the special characters disappear if I convert directly from InDesign to kindle with Kindlegen or if I convert my epub with Kindle previewer.

      The characters show up in Kindle previewer on my PC, but not in a Kindle reader or in Kindle on an iPad.


      First I thought the font was somehow not compatible. But it is the same with every font I know with these special characters:

      Symbola, Segoe Symbol, MS Mincho, Babelstone, Dejavu, Quivira, Noto sans symbols

      Have you had any similar experience? or suggestions?