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    Live text template render issue when using Media Encoder?


      I'm running into flash frames with Media Encoder exports of Premiere sequences using the live text templates.


      Unfortunately, AME doesn't flag it as an error, so the render completes without any issues in the render log and the only way to find it is to watch the rendered file.

      I have tried different combinations of having After Effects open or closed, with the live text template comp open or closed; I can't consistently reproduce the problem with any certainty and so am having trouble pinpointing the source.


      My only hypotheses so far are that:

      1. The glitches seem to be happening in the dynamic link between AME and PP, not AE and PP. The live text will pop back to the duplicated comp's text for one frame. Video playing simultaneously doesn't pop.
        In other words, the AE text template said: "name here". In PP it was edited to say "John Doe", then that comp was duplicated and edited to say "Bob Smith". Everything looks fine in PP. There are no keys on the source text in AE (I have noticed that if there are keys on the source text in AE, the text will pop back to the original AE text at that key in PP).
        When rendered out of AME, halfway through Bob Smith's title, it will read "John Doe" for a single frame, then pop back to being Bob.
      2. I've only had this happen so far with AME renders. The renders out of PP haven't given me any issues so far.
      3. It might happen more frequently on longer segments? If a title is up for 45 sec instead of 10 sec, it may be more likely to pop.
      4. The issue seems to occur more often in batch renders out of AME (happened to 3 of 5 files rendered in a batch, AME 2014.1) and/or with unrelated AE comps open (on a single render from AME 2014.2)


      Again, it doesn't happen every time or to the same title, or in the same spot. Files are being rendered to ProRes 422 HQ. Unchecked "Use Previews" in AME.

      Would be nice to get to the bottom of what's happening so I can recommend something to the editors when I hand off these live text templates to them.


      I realize that the live text is a new feature as of 2014.1, but haven't found anyone else talking about this. Would love if this was a very simple fix that I'm missing.

      I was able to reproduce the error on 2 different machines, with similar specs:


      Premiere CC 2014.1 and 2014.2

      Media Encoder CC 2014.1 and 2014.2

      Mac tower 2010

      2x 6-core Intel Xeon

      RAM: 64 GB

      Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 and NVidia Quadro K5000 (or K4000)

      OS: 10.8.5 Mountain Lion