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    RoboHelp HTML 11 Webhelp output not compatible with IE9?


      We recently updated our software Help files using RoboHelp HTML 11.  Today our customer support team received a call from a customer that cannot access the Help files from his system.  He is using IE9 and an older version of Chrome, and cannot view Help in either browser.  The customer refuses to update the browser on his server, presumably because he's afraid something else won't work if he does.  I can sympathize with that, since there are certain applications on my own system that are incompatible with IE11, so I've had to roll back to 10. So, I know the files work on IE10, IE11, Firefox and the latest version of Chrome.  Searching through the discussions, I found one that indicated that RoboHelp 11 required IE9 or above; if so, it's odd that it won't work. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do that might help the customer?