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    i've a clean installation on my Mac mini.


      i used Time Machine as a back-up.

      so i tried to set back lightroom 4.4., on my original harddisk.

      (mac mini with yosemite, little to quick installed: the reason of the problems.)

      and it is standing there:

      but they did, as it was new installation: do you buy or try, what is your keynote?


      i can give them my keynote, but then i've a new and clean lightroom.

      i want get it back, with all what is on my back-up disk: settings and photo's.


      i'm lucky, that most of my pictures are standing in an normal map.

      i used the copy mode by working in lightroom, only the pictures i wanted to work with in lightroom.

      I"m speaking about 640 Gb with photo's, all on 2 back-up disks.


      i think it is easer to use lightroom back-up or always make a drag and drop back-up.


      thank you!

      if you eave a result, please step by step, that works the best for me



      johan kole