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    Using loadMovie to load SWF linked to FLV

    Happiest Camper Level 1
      I am having problems getting a movie (SWF) with an linked FLV file to play when I use loadMovie to load it in.

      I have an .FLV file named vid_9.flv. I have embedded it into a Flash movie named vid_9.swf using Flash 8 Professional. I am using "Progressive Download from a Web Server" and no controls. When I play the SWF on the stand-alone player (the FLV is in the same folder) it works great. Now when I call that SWF into another movie using
      it shows it being completely loaded, but then never plays, all I get is a white screen. This is my second project in a row where this did not work. Any ideas as to why? Thanks for any help.