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    I need to get a handle on things

    Chris Ivey Level 1
      I'm working on another project that is designed to load .swf's made by (inexperienced) developers, and allow them to script animations to play on top of video. The application is a Flash app running in a wrapper so it has access to the Windows file system.

      Right now I'm requiring developers to declare an array of all of the labels, and/or movie clips they would like to use.

      It would be awesome if there was a way that I could somehow iterate through the entities in a .swf and find these things on my own, since this application is designed for, well, designers who don't like ActionScript at all.

      I know that AS3 will allow you to get frame labels from a MovieClip object, but I can't develop this in AS3, (until someone builds a wrapper that will let me compile it). Has anyone scoped out a way of finding frame labels? How about movie clips that have linkage identifiers?

      After all, the player HAS to know what's in there... I'm not smart enough to reverse-engineer the .swf format to do stuff like this, and even if I was, it might not lead to an implementation in ActionScript.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.