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    I need to get a handle on things

    Chris Ivey
      I'm working on another project that is designed to load .swf's made by (inexperienced) developers, and allow them to script animations to play on top of video. The application is a Flash app running in a wrapper so it has access to the Windows file system.

      Right now I'm requiring developers to declare an array of all of the labels, and/or movie clips they would like to use.

      It would be awesome if there was a way that I could somehow iterate through the entities in a .swf and find these things on my own, since this application is designed for, well, designers who don't like ActionScript at all.

      I know that AS3 will allow you to get frame labels from a MovieClip object, but I can't develop this in AS3, (until someone builds a wrapper that will let me compile it). Has anyone scoped out a way of finding frame labels? How about movie clips that have linkage identifiers?

      After all, the player HAS to know what's in there... I'm not smart enough to reverse-engineer the .swf format to do stuff like this, and even if I was, it might not lead to an implementation in ActionScript.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.