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    Draw -vs- Ideas

    Vonster Level 1

      I just illustrated the same design using both Adobe Draw and Adobe Ideas. I wanted to compare each using the exact same process.


      Adobe Draw is:

      - Slow: Really sluggish both when drawing and attempting to pinch zoom. Compared to Ideas it makes the process far slower.

      - Missing Functions: No portrait mode? No paint bucket fill? No PDF email? You don't leave out core features you use to have. Since I can do all of it in Ideas. Landscape mode only slows down the whole process.

      - Pinch Zoom: The app activates erase by accident too often because touch controls are hunky in the app. At times when pinch zooming the app jumps the view magnification smaller when I'm trying to go larger. Ideas app pinch zoom works great.

      - Not very fluid when drawing. The response in Ideas is not only faster, it's more graceful And smooth.

      - Lots of new features and old ones are hidden inside a sub-menu and adds bloat to build time.

      - The whole UI is choppy, sluggish and slow. Ideas wasn't perfect in this respect but far faster. Maybe it's CC integration bogging it down?


      How do you make a new iteration worse than the old one?


      I Know you don't want to hear any of this, but it's a real-world comparison using an iPad air. A little more focus guys!