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    Reduce to 2 colors


      On my iPad, using Adobe Touch, is it possible to change a simple little black and white image to just 2 colors- black or white?

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          Not sure if I quite understand what effect you're trying to achieve but you could try:

          1) de-saturating the image (turning it to black and white) If you've not already done so

          2) using the "posterIze colour" effect and choose 1 colour. This will force just one colour (black) against white.


          Adjustment using "levels" of the b&w image (after step 1) will influence which shades will be made black in step 2.

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            SouthernAtHeart Level 1

            Thanks! I’ll give that a try.  Basically, I’m trying to create a 1bit image for an LCD screen font. …so each pixel is either on or off, (black or white).



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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              In addition to what Blackbird said, try also FX (3rd icon from the top right) > Stylize > Threshold. The default settings should serve you well. (It always reminds me of an old monochrome computer monitor screen, but in high-resolution and in black and white.)  You may have to play with the Threshold setting depending upon how detailed the image is.