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    LR and Surface Pro 3


      Adobe made a big play about how well PS worked on the Surface Pro 3, but I have just got a SP3 and I find that LR (and PS) has serious failings.

      Background: I have a CC subscription for LR and PS, and I have the i7, 8mb, 512gb version of the SP3.


      In particular, in LR (and PS), the stylus right-click options (upper button click, or hold-down) are not recognised. A mouse works, but not the stylus. These options are vital for e.g. points curve editing. I bought the SP3 mainly for photo editing and management while travelling; I'd prefer not to bring a mouse with me.

      Also, in LR the CTRL and SHIFT keys are vital, but on the SP3 you need the physical keyboard to access them properly; the screen keyboard implementation is too clumsy. Perhaps I'm asking for too much here, but I'd hoped for a slicker adaptation to the SP3.


      I am more likely to use LR than PS while travelling, but my question really applies to both.

      Am I missing something? Is better optimisation of LR and PS in the works?