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    cross domain noob question

      1. If you are working flash 8 and using System.security.allowDomain("*") in both movies.then nothing should prevent those two SWF's to talk together..right?..full acces both ways..

      2. its non-swf files that would have to rely on a crossdomain policy file (xml )file..right?

      3. lets say you have "yourowndomain.com" and "otherdomain.com" ..you have a application hosted at otherdomain.com, wich loads a SWF on yourowndomain.com, if the file you just loaded from yourowndomain.com loads yet ANOHTER file from yourowndomain.com, can they have full acces with eachother automatically because they both are hosted on yourowndomain.com, alltho they are being projected through a SWF file hosted at otherdomain.com?

      just curious