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    Makerbot Réplicator 2 direct printing

    jmlg12 Level 1

      I'm facing a big issue trying printing directly via USB on a Makerbot Replicator 2


      Even if Makerbot Desktop could achieve the task, Photoshop cannot detect any printer connected to the PC


      Is anyone in the same case?


      Many Thanks

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          I am having the same issues. I have 4 Makerbot Replicator 2's.


          Please let me know if you work it out. Im using OS X 10.11.2





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            jmlg12 Level 1



            Meanwhile, I've found some informations and customized the Printer file.


            First you have to stop the backround service "Makerbot Conveyor Service" installed by the Makerbot software on PC

            or "Conveyor-svc" on Macintosh.

            May be the best option is to open MakerBot software on Mac and ask in "service" menu to stop background services...


            Next I have had to modify the "USB signature" in the "makerbot replicator 2.3PP" file in the "3D printers" folder.

            in order to make my PC recognize something.


            I've replaced

            <USBID VID='23C1' PID='B015'/>


            <USBID VID='23C1' PID='B016'/>


            and also, even if the rep 2 own only 1 head

              <PrinterHeads value='2' /> 


            after that I get some answer from the device.


            Let me know if it works for you