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    Greetings from Indinana, a new RH user.

      I just started a new job, after a few years of independent consulting, and was shown my desk and introduced to RoboHelp. First impression was "Danger Will Robinson!" (pun intended), and it took a while to get used to it - I was expecting a learning curve like going from WordStar to WordPerfect for Windows 3.1 (Uh oh, showing my age...). RH is truly complex and quirky, just like my old friend WordPerfect . (I am using Linux at home, and it's all OpenOffice for me now).

      Actually within a week, I not only have a nifty .CHM file but a 52 page Word document, with a RH generated TOC, Glossary, and Index. Wow, I say! Impressive.

      BTW, I have a minor problem I can't figure out, posted at "Printed Documentation", (a few manual edits can resolve it, but I'd just like to know why this happens, and if I can get RH to not do it...).

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          Greetings and Welcome!

          You have just joined a really great groups of users. While RH can be "complex" and indeed is quirky, in no time you will learn the ins/outs and what to avoid - especially if you search this forum. If a search doesn't produce an answer, ask!

          (BTW, I really miss WordStar but OpenOffice is a really nice program...just wish RH worked with it.)

          GEWB (Linux Rules)