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    Video cuts out of frame when importing to timeline :( What to do?


      Hi there!


      So I have my initial video on my timeline and all is well.


      However when I try to import another video with the same frame, it looks like it zooms in because it cuts so much of the frame that I can't even see my face anymore . I even tried viewing it in the preview window on the upper left side (which looks fine) until I drag it in the timeline.


      Photo 1 : This is the initial video

      Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.44.46 AM.png

      Photo 2: This is the additional clip that I'm adding that cuts out of frame

      Something I should specify as well is, I recorded audio & video separately and merged them through he merge option that Premiere Pro has but that shouldn't be a problem since I did the same thing with my initial video to sync the audio and it did not cut out of frame.


      I am still new at premiere pro and when I look up tutorials, no one seems to have that problem. Any help?