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    'Match Settings' Are Not Accurate. And Where Are The AVCHD and DNxHD Export Presets?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Export match DNx.PNGExport match.PNGNoise reduction cripples my system, so I need to apply it clips before editing. I then export the repaired clips and bring them back in for editing. However, when I check the 'Match settings' box in the exporter, I never get the same kind of codec or wrapper that the clip was originally. So the clip is originally AVCHD, but Premiere designates it as .MTS and the 'Match Settings' sets it to 'MPEG Preview' at 50% quality. In the drop-down presets, I find no AVCHD preset, which is what my footage is coming off the Canon C100 camcorder. Does Premiere not recognize AVCHD or does it call it something else? And should not the exporter exactly match the original footage when that box is checked?


      Same thing with DNxHD footage. I also record externally onto a Ninja Blade, which is supposed to be DNxHD 220 Mbps but shows up in Premiere as a Quicktime Movie to begin with. When I click 'Match Settings' for export, it sets it to 'DNxHD MXF OP1a' at 115 Mbps. And when I export as such, it takes about 24 hours for a 40 minute clip. And I have a reasonably fast computer.


      As long as I have been using Premiere, I do not recall a time when this 'Match Settings' feature was ever accurate. It seems to get the frame rate correctly, though. Do you think maybe deleting the Premiere Preferences might help? And if so, please remind me how that is done on this version of Premiere Pro -  CC 2014.2