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    problems with Windows 8 apps


      i have a problem with with the adobe flash player.


      i got a new lenovo yoga 2 computer for christmas with windows 8.

      everything works well, except for sometimes when i try installing apps from the app store. when i try to install them on some apps, like linkedin an TED it tells me that i have to install adobe flash player and that it is free to install. when i say yes to it, flash player installs, and when it is done, the same message pops up agian.


      i have tried to uninstall and install it from my browser several times, and nothing happens. when i check the settings and your website it shows me that the latest available program is installed.


      i have tried to do everything i can find on the forum but nothing works. adobe works fine in both Internet explorer and Firefox.


      is there any solution for this problem?