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    pause or slow down fade

      I am doing a pure action implementation of some logos and I want to fade them in and out every 10 seconds. Using setinterval to call the fade function does the 10 seconds nicely, but how can I slow down the acutal fade. I am looping thru an array of movieclips and manipulating the alpha. In a loop of 1-100, it is nearly instantaneous. Can you "pause" in the for loop? ideas?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          for-loops execute from beginning to end before anything is updated on-stage. so, they cannot be used for visual effects like fades.

          use an onEnterFrame or setInterval() to fade your movieclips.
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            odd, I was able to scroll my movieclips using a for loop and altering the _x value every 10 seconds. So what you are saying is that I can do that but loops complete before apllying to the stage!? Every 10 seconds I want to fade out my 8 movieclips slowly, replace the clips with other clips, then fade them back in slowly....repeat
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              got it! have the setinteval I am using for 10 seconds cut way down then in the method it calls, check some true false values and counter and adjust the fade once per tick and not all 0-100 at one time. Works well . if fadingup, increase alpha. If waiting, do nothing but count, then fadedown decrementing alpha. when 0 start all over. Now to integrate weighted choices and change the array values (change the acutal movieclip in each array slot) thanks!
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                you're welcome.