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    CC2014 Wont play and has lost sequences and clips

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      I would really appreciate help! I have googled but not found any help!


      I have been using Premiere for almost 2 years now and loved the fact that I can subscribe and do updates as they come out. I have setup a "template" with certain parts the same each time (Intro, Outro etc). I edit Safari videos with different sequences for the parts that change each time (arrival, safari, dinner etc different clients), unfortunately I have not figured out a way to save a project with just the footage being used so it uses clips from old projects in different folders. I had to buy an external hardrive as my internal hardrive is too full. I saved all the folders onto the external hardrive. When I opened a project it will say missing media, this is not a problem as once I have located the file it updates everything (after about 3 searches). Great.


      But since I update to CC 2014, I am experiencing the following issues:

      1. Projects (from previous version) have lost their sequences in the project window - only the main sequence has remained (which I named MASTER)
      2. Certain clips are now missing in the sequence (just gone, not even a block with "missing media")
      3. Premiere usually does not always play, sometimes I have to restart and reload projects a few times before it will play (I have tried both the spacebar and the play button on the project monitor)
      4. The ` does not maximize the window anymore!
      5. I tried to maximize a window by clicking on "Maximize panel group" on the menu button of the Sequence Header - my MASTER SEQUENCE disappeared!! No amount of Undo could help


      It seems that the new "Improved" 2014 version is full of bugs, and this happens just when I have some deadlines! I have tried updating from the CREATIVE CLOUD interface but it loads the update up to 50% and then says Update Failed (after numerous efforts)


      Could someone please advise.


      My System

      i7 3.5GHZ 4770K

      20GB ram

      NVidea K2000

      Windows 8.1

      Focusrite Scarlette Soundcard

      2x monitors

      500GB SSD

      2x 2TB Internal 7200rpm

      2x 3TB External USB3

      Media used: .mov, jpg, png, wav, mp4


      Many thanks for your help in advance.