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    How to Transform a Circle?


      This is probably a simple question for most of you, but I'm trying to make a circle split into 3 equal parts, and then make the parts come back together. My main issue is figuring out how to split the circle into 3 parts (its just a normal outline circle made by stroke). How would I come about doing this?




      - Emanuel

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could use multiple layers or mask the original circle, duplicate the layer and change the mask properties, then duplicate again, then animate position. If you are just using stroke to make the circle then make 3 copies of your layer and adjust the start and end points of each duplicate to cover the parts of the circle you want for each layer.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            If you mean sector slices, then the Radial wipe is your friend, combined with bog standard transform animation. You will of course need as many layers as you have sectors...



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              idar lettrem Level 1

              This  basic training and can be solved in several ways. In case you haven't solved your  issue you may download a small, illustrative project file from ftp.progresit.com  ( in your url)

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              pw: santacruz1



              look for and DL "circle.aep"  --  (AE-CS6)