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    Adobe Flash Player Installation issue on MacOS with Yosemite


      I am having difficulty updating to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on my Macbook Pro. I have Yosemite OS X. I have no problem downloading the installer, but then opening it is where the problem is. The installer only opens in TextEdit or a program I have called Matlab (a coding program). Neither of these help in anyway to install the new version of adobe. This is what it looks like after I double click the installer from my downloads folder.


      Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 2.29.05 PM.png

      I followed these steps,


      and it still did the same thing. I also have restarted my computer, and I have tried selecting other programs to open the installer with but I still cannot get it to open and work. Any help with this would be extremely helpful! I'm begging!! Thank you in advance!!