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    Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 crashes when "locating media"


      The problem;


      Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 crashes when "locating media".  I am working on a project that has not given me any problems for the last 200 hours.   About a week ago I notice that the .proj file size was 276mb and found this odd because my largest project to date was never larger than 80mbs.  I thought that the premiere was running slow because of the project size. As luck would have, when my client made their their final changes 2 days ago, I opened the project and premiere would hang on the locating media window and then would crash. I called Adobe and spent an hour on the phone with them to no avail. 


      Project workflow

      - 700gb of 5d footage

      - 20 sequences under 5 minutes

      - Dynamically linked files with AE

      - Warp Stabilized about a dozen clips of under 5 sec

      - On every sequence color correction adjustment layer with  RGB Curves, Three way color corrector and sharpen filter

      - I kept old versions of the sequences (I was in version 5 before the crash)


      What I have tried;

      - Unsuccessfully tried to open auto-save files for this project.

      - Successfully opened other older non relevant project

      - Removed Mercury playback engine in the project settings

      - Cleaned out media cache database through pp in media Preferences

      - Manually deleted cache files in /Common/Media Cache Files and /Common/Media Cache

      - Tried importing sequences into new .proj file; it would crash as a result.


      What "worked".

      I was able to open it on another computer. save it under another file name. bring it back to my original computer and open it without problem. I lost about 3 days working through this problem, I missed my deadline. and angered the client.  I was able to use a friends IMAC to "fix" the problem, however I can't always count on him being there if it happens again.




      - What the hell happened? Why could I open it on one computer and not on the other?

      - Is there a way to fix a corrupted .proj files on a PC?

      - What should the average file size be, before it becomes unstable? (I'm pretty that my file size was bloated by all the previous versions of the sequences)




      Windows 8.1  64bit

      Premiere 2014.2

      Intel Quadcore i7-4770    3.40GHz

      16gb Ram