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    Help with multi camera editing in Premiere Pro


      Ok I'm new...so bear with me.

      I am editing a basic interview shot on two cameras and cutting away to some still images.

      The rushes are 4 lots of film about 10 mins in length.

      I inputted the footage from the two cameras and created a new sequence for each using the multi camera audio synchronisation method (which worked great).

      So how do I go about creating my edit? Something tells me I'm going about it in the wrong way.

      Do I need to create my edit using single camera shots and then create multi camera sequences for each individual clip? It seems so laborious as its all already synced up for two cameras.

      I am a bit confused about creating clips v creating sequences.

      I'm sorry if this is making some of you cringe :/ ....but I really can't find any help in online tutorials.

      I need basic step by step instruction.