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    Export videos with Lightroom with their original frame rate (60 or 120p)


      Hi everyone,


      I love Lightroom and the workflows but i stumbled upon a problem. When traveling I like to sort out the bad videos and pictures right away. But sometimes with videos I am filming something for 5-10 minutes because I don't know exactly when it will happen (like seaturtles to show up, or a cat jumping, etc.). Those videos are sometimes filmed with 120fps and i love the crop tool of lightroom but i want to do a video afterwards (with pictures and videos) and need the full frame rate as an output. Is there a plugin or a tool which can do that? Since I am a little lazy I would like to see all pictures and videos to be managed by one Software (that would be LR). I am aware that there is Adobe Premiere and such but I am looking for a possibility to export the cropped videos with LR in 120fps.


      Thanks for the help!