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    Flash Player Help

    PringlesandIcedTea Level 1

      I tried multiply times to download adobe from here Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player & can't seem to get past the installer box being blank. I don't know how some people are getting it to download & having it stop at like 97%


      I tried this suggestion Install the Flash plugin to view videos, animations and games | Firefox Help Adobe shows as available plug ins which is checked. I clicked next. It says no plug ins were installed.  & Adobe isn't available.


      My mom knows i don't have any adobe on my computer & is now all upset b/c i had to reinstall it. she doesn't get that i had to uninstall an old version & reinstall it. She brought out this adobe cd (which i am 99% sure i didn't even use to put it on in the first place) & got mad b/c i didn't know where to go from there. i've never seen that page before. i told her i get adobe from somewhere else. like i'm not the only one having problems.


      Please do not link me to the offline installer b/c that does not work.