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    VBA/COM and Excel with CF

      I am building an application where the user is able to set values into an existing Excel template, which is resaved under a differnt name. The application then needs to open the Excel file, and retrieve values that get calculated based on the user's changes. Unfortunately, Excel will not recalculate the values until the spreadsheet is physically opened, so when I retrieve the values from Excel, they are incorrect. If I open the Excel file manually, the correct values are loaded into the cells. Basically, I am using the Excel file as a calculator. I am using CFX_Excel to do all the work in Excel.

      I was told that I could write a VBA/COM object to open Excel programmatically, and tell it to recalculate the sheet (as long as I have Excel running on the server). I could then write CF code to interact with the COM object.

      I have no experience writing COM objects, and how to interact with it via CF. Has anyone ever done anything like this before? It doesn't seem like an overly complicated task for someone that knows what they're doing.

      Since we are on a tight deadline (as usual), we may be willing to outsource this piece of the application.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.