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    File Menu Suddenly Slow


      Hello there about 3 weeks ago i noticed that my file menu has become extremely slow....


      basically if you have a timeline or preview window selected and click file it lags for  4 - 5 seconds same deal with the 'export' menu.... i know there is another thread about this but the issue was not resolved there and the poster did not provide enough information or reply to the comments to solve the issue....


      I've attached a video recording of the issue happening.

      Premiere Pro CC 2014 Slow Menus - YouTube


      Also the codec information for my video source:

      Codec Info.PNG


      The video file was recorded with "Action!" Recorder using the Nvidia NVENC Codec. I've had no problems using these files in the past in both Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and CC 2014.


      I've installed the latest updates, and the issue has been present for about 3 weeks now.


      I've done all the usual stuff like cleaning out the media cache, resetting preferences, i've tried using different audio hardware thinking that it may be problematic audio drivers for my interface with no such luck.


      Also the media files are stored on a separate disk with decent enough read/write speeds and its in generally healthy conditions verified by 'smart'


      I have no vst audio plugins loaded in the project.


      The only plugin i have installed into premier pro and media encoder is the "NVENC Export Plugin" for lightning fast gpu rendering but i've also removed this and tested with no such luck.



      I've just copied the source files to a new disk and removed the old disk from my system problem still not resolved.


      I hope i've provided enough information here!

      Kind Regards


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          rm2kdev Level 1

          No thanks to adobe support for failing to fix this problem.


          I contacted them 3 times via phone and was told i would receive a call back the next day with a solution and NEVER received a callback.


          I FIXED the problem myself....


          SOLUTION: format your pc after formatting and re installing CC all the footage, files and projects worked perfectly from the media disks.

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            I am too having this problem since the last update. A hard drive format isn't really an easy option for me so I'm stuck.