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    Where have all my photos gone, and why?

    Road master

      I changed my Lightroom backup files folder to a new name yesterday.

      I did this because the LR icon file was empty, and the new renamed file was sitting next to it.

      I didn't question this.

      Today I uploaded some pics off my card and saw that the other boxes were empty

      I went into library and saw that everything was grey and little question marks were on the subjects.

      I contacted certain sites to ask for help.

      answers were I had changed the file name and LR did not support it.

      Lightroom has been crapping it'self all day and not playing ball.

      we have since uninstalled LR and then reinsalled it as per request of LR

      We are on windows 7

      We are on LR5

      we pay for it

      It's not an illegal connection.

      I am not the most computer savvy and Now just panicking because I have a wedding to shoot in 3 weeks with no editing program.

      Even while sitting here I see a section of LR asking for updates in a little white subject box that I can't remove.

      What on earth has happened.

      I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

      Thanks guys. Deirdre